Friday, September 27, 2019

Maduro Still Riding Chavez's Coat-tails

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  1. Protests! What “protests”? You mean those Riots that destroyed millions of dollars of property? You mean the vandalism of public monuments? You mean the looting and arson of businesses? You mean the Killings? And what did this coast to coast spree of criminal violence — from Seattle to New York — have to do with George Floyd? How does tearing down a statue in Virginia or Ohio do anything to prevent police brutality in Minneapolis, or anywhere else?

    One reason we cannot have civil discussion in this country is because our media so distort reality — by the abuse of language and other means — that words themselves begin to lose their meaning. What does the word “racist” mean? We are told that George Floyd was a victim of racism, simply because he was black and died at the hands of a white police officer, but where is the actual evidence of racism on the part of Officer Derek Chauvin or the other accused officers in the case? Officer Chauvin had been previously accused of misconduct, and there is some indication he may have had a personal grudge against Floyd — they evidently knew each other — but I have yet to see any evidence clearly proving that racism was the motive of Chauvin’s actions on May 25.

    To ask for evidence, I suppose, is racist, because everything is racist. Merely being white is racist, so if you’re white, it’s probably just a matter of time until some activist notices your existence and decides to destroy you personally. Something you said or did was racist, or maybe you didn’t say anything, but silence is violence, so the mob will show up, the “unrest” will begin, and they’ll burn everything to the ground.

    The next day’s headlines will describe a “mostly peaceful protest,” as if the attendant destruction and violence was trivial.