Thursday, January 18, 2018

CNN Interview Leads to Assassination

from the Miami Herald
Venezuelan government officials on Tuesday confirmed the death of a former police officer turned rebel, following a shootout in a village outside of Caracas.

Interior Minister Néstor Reverol said Óscar Pérez and six others were killed in Monday’s deadly assault that included rocket launchers and grenades. He added that the rebel group's hideout was unveiled as a result of a Pérez interview with CNN en Español.

“With the progressive use of special forces, unfortunately, we had to neutralize seven terrorists of this cell who are: Daniel Soto, Abraham Lugo, José Alejandro Díaz Pimentel, Óscar Pérez, Jairo Ramos, Abraham Agostino and a woman yet to be identified,” announced Reverol.

“The interview that a channel did helped in the investigation that yesterday took us to kilometer 16 sector Araguaney where this terrorist cell was,” he said. “This heavily armed terrorist group maliciously started a confrontation, generating two fatal victims of the security force and eight injured PNB (national police) officers during a strong confrontation.”
- btw - isn't it funny how you can label as "terrorist" a "woman yet to be identified?"

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