Saturday, February 21, 2015

Madrid-Bogota-Miami Form Conspiracy Axis against Venezuela, Maduro Says

from the Latin American Herald Tribune
CARACAS – Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has claimed that Madrid-Bogota-Miami form an axis of permanent conspiracy against his government, accusing it of spreading alleged lies about his country with the approval of the Venezuelan opposition.

Maduro made the charge Thursday during a ceremony in Caracas broadcast on the state radio and television network.

He accused the Spanish press of highlighting crimes and wrongdoings in Venezuela as front page news which, according to Maduro, are complete lies and manipulations.

“It is a campaign against Venezuela, against the revolution, like the one they did against (late president Hugo) Chavez and now they are doing it against me” and which “has the support and approval of Venezuela’s right-wing leaders,” he said.

On Saturday, Maduro made a similar accusation against the Colombian media, which he said was fuelled by the social, political and economic elite of Colombia and held Venezuelan publicist Juan Jose Rendon responsible.

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