Friday, October 31, 2014

How Venezuelan Authorities Treat the Opposition

from El Universal
Detained opposition leader and founder of political party Voluntad Popular, Leopoldo López, and deposed mayor of San Cristobal, Táchira state, Daniel Ceballos, are being subjected to torture and cruel, inhuman treatment inside Ramo Verde military prison, northern Miranda state, as reported by the dissenters' wives, Lilian Tintori and Patricia Gutiérrez.

Tintori and Gutiérrez revealed that feces have even thrown at inmates through the cell bars.

"On Saturday, October 24, early morning, they would not let them sleep. That early morning, Mr. Homero Miranda, who does not deserve to be called colonel, the director of Ramo Verde (prison), knowingly ordered their police officers to defecate in plastic bags, and they knotted the bags with ropes. Later, the police agents went up to the rooftop and hit the bags against the window bars until the bags tore, so the feces fell over Leopoldo (López), Daniel (Ceballos), Enzo (Scarano), and (San Diego police chief) Salvatore (Lucchese). Homero Miranda committed this miserable assault, following orders of (President) Nicolás Maduro," stressed Gutiérrez, according to a communiqué issued by party Voluntad Popular.

Detained dissenters Leopoldo López, Daniel Ceballos, Enzo Scarano, and Salvatore Lucchese are being prosecuted for their alleged involvement in street violence during the wave of anti-government protests staged between February and June.

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