Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Peace for Columbia?

from Noticias 24
Bogata, 01 October, 2012 - The armed guerrillas of the FARC in Columbia today confirmed from Cuba that peace talks with the Columbian government will begin on the 15th of October in Oslo, and not on the 8th as they had reported earlier.

Rodrigo Granda, a member the rebel negotiating team, read from Havana on the Columbian Blu Radio station a communique that he claimed would be signed between FARC and the Columbian government.

"The National Government and the FARC People's Army inform public opinion, both national and international, a meeting of the technical teams of both parties have agreed to begin a conversation on 15 October of this year and to make a public announcement on the 17th of October in the city of Oslo," said Granda.

The guerrilla made reference to a compromise signed on the 26th of last August in La Habana which gave place to the named general Accord for ending the conflict and the construction of a stable and long lasting peace, which would open the table to dialogue in Oslo and later relocate the negotiations to Cuba.

The guerrilla had previously informed, also from the Cuban capital, that the Oslo site would be met on the 8th of October, but last weekend some Columbian mediators moved the date back to the 14th.

A little before, other FARC negotiators, "Marco Leon Calarca", who's real name is Luis Alberto Alban, indicated in the magazine "Efe" that "in the first 15th of this month" would begin the formal dialogue.

He also said that tentatively they would inform the exact date of the beginning of negotiations.

The Columbian government and the FARC began in this manner its third attempt at a peace process in the almost 50 years of armed conflict. with Cuba and Norway as guarantors and Chile and Venezuela in the capacity of "seconds".

FARC and the Columbian government announced an accord at the end of August after six months of secret exploratory talks conducted in La Habana.

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