Monday, October 10, 2011

Tex-Mex Rythms?


  1. Off topic.

    I see that you've been slammed over at another site that a frequent, a site for which I have great respect. You were told, "Begone," and replied, "I am."

    Blog masters are getting quite edgy these days, I think. Must be the pre-election crazies. Or something.

    Anyway, just letting you know that I count you as a friend. We have "a history," you know. And you've given me some great tips on teaching.

  2. I do find it stressful to see my friends "feuding."

    As you know, I rarely participate in such feuds.

    If participants in such feuds get pissed off at me because I don't take sides, so be it.

    My conscience and my own decisions govern me.


  3. Many people share SF's belief that the early retirement pension system is a necessary evil. I've seen it from the inside and out. And given THOSE experiences, my father who collected it, and my own who chose NOT to, I've arrived at the conclusion that it is NOT.

    One of my classmates is currently a Navy Rear Admiral who commanded Gitmo and now runs what now passes for America's "merchant marine" (MSC).

    I almost went to work for MSC as a civil servant many years ago. I'm now glad I didn't. My classmate (the admiral) was an a-hole then, and he's almost certainly an a-hole today. But he is no more "deserving" of his benefits that anybody who is now working for him. And that includes a HUGE contingent of "private citizens" and non-civil servants. And the "risks" they face every day are much greater than the risks my admiral classmate will EVER face again.